Find The Right Outdoor Furniture Australia

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Buying outdoor furniture could be as exciting as buying a new house or a car. Before you rush out to Australian furniture manufacturers or online furniture stores in Australia, do some research and evaluate different available options. Whether you need outdoor furniture for your business or home, it’s critical to avoid making expensive mistakes. Here

Vietnam Furniture Online

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Our world is more connected than ever. The internet has completely transformed the way we buy and sell products. You can buy your favorite products online from all around the globe. Furniture isn’t an exception. Most people find it hard to comprehend the idea of buying furniture online. If you’re looking to get premium-quality furniture

Vietnam Furniture Manufacturers in Australia

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Vietnam’s wood industry is a great source of premium quality furniture for international customers. If you’re looking for Vietnam furniture Manufacturers in Australia, this blog post is for you. Did you know Vietnam is the largest wood producing country in Southeast Asia and 5th largest in the world? There are well over 4,500 enterprises operating

The Manufacturing Industry In Vietnam

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Vietnam’s struggle to be a regional manufacturing powerhouse has not been long. In the mid-1980s, with a centrally controlled economic policy structure, Vietnam was one country making very slow economic progress at that time. However, things changed dramatically in the late 1980s when Vietnam started on its high growth journey. Since then, the country has

Why Is Vietnam The World’s Factory?

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In an integrated world economy, Vietnam experiences certain comparative advantages. It’s considered the factory of many leading international corporations such as Samsung, Intel, Canon, Fujitsu, Toyota, Honda, Nike and thousands of other FDI enterprises. So what makes Vietnam the world’s next factory? Firstly, the population of the country is reaching 100 million with a promising

Vietnam’s participation in free trade agreements

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Currently, Vietnam is one of the most active countries participating in free trade agreements (FTA) in the world. Vietnam has made serious efforts into improving its infrastructure, accelerating administrative reforms, abolishing economic barriers for market access. In addition, most of FTAs pay attention to fairness which drives Vietnam to improve its domestic business environment towards

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