Welcome to Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ website designed for retailers searching for quality but affordable items to wholesale. Because of the increasing challenges to supply chain and the unstable climate caused by CO Vid-19, it has made more difficult to accept new wholesale applications. But we believe that with a little hard work, some creativity and some savvy business plans, any retailer can achieve great success in finding top quality but cheap B2B furniture for wholesale.

We believe that the current crisis facing furniture manufacturing is the worst in the last 60 years. The market is consolidating. Many wholesalers have been forced to close their doors as they either closed down or were taken over by larger firms who have purchased them. Others have gone out of business or downsized. If you are looking to enter the industry, the most important qualification you need to have is a passion for furniture. If you love the industry then you will be able to compete successfully with all the other companies that you will encounter.

You will need to decide what type of supplier or wholesaler you would like to deal with. The most common types are furniture distributors, furniture manufacturers and furniture suppliers. You can usually find these types of companies in your local area or via the Internet. It is usually a good idea to check the online feedback for the company to see how well received their products are by the customers. You may also find information about product delivery times and costs for bulk orders.

To get the most from your furniture wholesale shopping, we believe you should purchase in bulk. You are much less likely to overspend and achieve great success if you buy your items in small quantities. You will be able to obtain a much better price per item as your profit margin will be much higher. This will also enable you to offer a wider range of items and possibly build a successful store front. Buying furniture wholesale in bulk is also very beneficial in terms of tax benefits.

Once you have found a company you would like to do business with, the next step is to determine what type of product they will offer. In general you will be dealing with a single company but that may not always be the case. You need to find out exactly what type of products they have available. You may find a distributor who will distribute just about anything but it’s unlikely that you will have access to so much choice. The more products a company has the greater your chances of being successful.

Successful b2b furniture wholesale shopping will involve access to top quality wholesale companies who will offer you a competitive price. This means having to shop around a little and negotiate a few different contracts. Don’t forget that the bigger your order is the more competitive your prices should be. Always make sure you are fully aware of delivery times and costs. Many wholesalers will deliver to your customer’s door with or without packing. Once you have found a company who will work for you, the real work begins.