If you’re looking to buy new office furniture, you should consider the options available from a range of office furniture manufacturers throughout the UK. There are several key decisions you’ll have to make when looking at the options, and August is the peak month when many leading office furniture manufacturers launch new ranges. Consumer electronics in particular tend to be launched in August as manufacturers attempt to capture a larger share of the electronics market during the festive period. The economic climate and technological changes are also among the main influences on trends within the office furniture industry. Design too is an important factor of the leading office furniture brands.

One of the biggest trends in office furniture manufacturers over the last year or so has been the increase in the number of modular furniture systems. Modular furniture systems are made up of a collection of individually constructed components which are then combined into a single large unit. These large items can be configured and re-configured according to specific requirements and can even be interchanged easily between different rooms in a single office. August usually sees the release of one or two new modular furniture systems, so if you’re interested in checking out what’s on offer from different manufacturers, it’s worth checking out a range of online furniture sites. As we said in our August review, the majority of office furniture manufacturers offer a range of modular furniture systems, which you should check out for yourself.

Another firm that we found to be particularly notable in the office furniture industry in August was Knoll. Knoll was founded by Mr. James Knoll (who is also its Managing Director), after he had left his previous position as a Director of Engineering at Rolls Royce in the late 1980s. Although Knoll began with just one product, the ‘High Gloss’ series, they quickly began to gain a reputation for being particularly innovative when it comes to creating innovative seating solutions. They currently manufacture a range of chair and bench designs and are consistently voted as being one of the most popular options by consumer polls.