With the recent economic hardships in Vietnam, their furniture industry has suffered a great deal, but not all of their furniture suppliers have gone out of business. Vietnam is a small country, but producing top-quality wooden furniture is no small task. Because of this, many of the Vietnamese furniture suppliers that have gone out of business are very capable wood artisans that can still make amazing pieces of furniture. The two most well-known woodworking companies in Vietnam, Cacao and Trung Nguyen, have been producing high-quality wooden furniture for over 30 years each, so even if they are no longer making furniture for export to Australia, you can be sure that the quality of their work is still at a high level.

If you have never visited Vietnam, you owe it to yourself to see the beautiful country. In addition to the scenic countryside, there are many vibrant markets where you can buy everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing to antiques and furniture. Vietnam is emerging as an emerging center for woodworking and craftsmanship, and the veneers and furniture manufacturers of Vietnam are well on their way to taking the world by storm. Many of the Vietnam furniture suppliers now sell their products online to Australia. This is because they are becoming aware of the growing number of Australian consumers who are buying wooden furniture from Vietnam, because they know that it will probably help them in the future.

Wooden furniture made in Vietnam is being used around the world. Many American, European and Japanese manufacturers are now buying wooden furnishings from Vietnam because they know that the price of timber and labor there is much lower than anywhere else in the world. As the demand for furnishings increases, the Vietnam furniture suppliers are experiencing a great surge in business. In fact, some of the larger and more established furniture manufacturers in the country are investing billions of dollars into the nation in order to expand their manufacturing capabilities and create new business opportunities for the Vietnamese people. As more western companies move their operations to Vietnam, the prices for Vietnamese wooden furniture will gradually fall.