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We Are Vietnam’s Leading Furniture Specialists Serving Both Local And International Clients

From creating incredible small spaces to designing furniture for large commercial setups, our team of furniture makers have done it all. Here is what we offer:

Custom Furniture Services For Residential Clients

VTV Furniture is Vietnam’s best furniture makers and artisans that specializes in designing and manufacturing furniture for a broad range of residential projects. While VTV Furnitures deliver impeccable custom furniture services to homeowners in Vietnam, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to serve international clients. Since Vietnam offers an ideal environment for businesses to grow and deliver cost-effective products, we’re determined to capitalize on promising economic conditions to deliver premium, made-to-order residential furniture at the best price possible.

Whether you need to design furniture for your kitchen, rooms or looking to get customised furniture for your new house, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to design your house or apartment with furniture that reflects your personality and preferences, contact VTV Furnitures where our furniture specialists will take your idea of an ideal space and convert into stunningly beautiful furniture pieces.

Made-To-Order Furniture For Commercial Clients

The need for affordable, custom-made, and high-quality furniture is on the rise. To make life easier for our commercial clients, we use highly advanced technology and skilled artisans to produce affordable solutions. Whether you run a small resort or a large corporate office, we have what it takes to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, budget, and customer service. We serve a variety of industries: resorts, hotels, cafe, schools, apartments, etc.

Don’t forget to check out some of our work examples to get a glimpse of our achievements.
VTV Furniture believes in building long-term relationships with craftsmen, customers and partners. As one of the best international furniture suppliers, we make sure to turn every project into a success story. Let’s work together to create one more amazing business story. Feel free to discuss your project with us or learn more about our work process and accomplishments.

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Alternative factory sourcing

If your business wishes to manufacture in another Vietnam’s manufacture or already started manufacturing in a Vietnam’s manufacturer, you are probably considering how you can assure for the quality of your products?
That’s not a problem! We have Quality Engineering inspectors in Vietnam that can conduct the factory inspection, whether it’s in process inspection or final process inspection. Our services are available for the South of Vietnam only.
Please contact us on contactus@vtv-furnitures.com for more information.

Designer services
Looking for a unique line of products but it is impossible to find?
Looking to build your creativeness but it is too expensive?
Looking to do a project and dream beyond your imagine but don’t know where to start?
Well, it sounds like you are looking for a designer that is cost effective and efficient.
We have 3rd party designer affiliations that we can refer to you from Vietnam, so you don’t need to pay ridiculous amount of money to imagine.
Contact us on contactus@vtv-furnitures.com for more information.


When selecting woods for designs, we will ensure they will meet the destination’s import quality,
standards, and customs’ requirements. Our staff will ensure your wood selection will suit your
design and the import regulations. Please contact us on contact@vtv-furnitures.com for further

VTV Furnitures sources wood from several locations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Russia and USA. We
have many reputable suppliers to ensure the quality of the end product.

Our wood categories are as below:

  • ASH
  • OAK

Upholstery Fabric

We manufacture our furnitures using natural and synthetic upholstery fabrics. The selection of
fabrics are available for made to order products and on some of our category furnitures.

The selection of upholstery fabrics are as follows:

Natural fabrics:

  • WOOL
  • SILK

Synthetic fabrics:


Trusted Partners

We believe in long lasting and productive partnerships with our customers.

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