Vietnam is a small independent country located in South East Asia, known for its wood products, especially bamboo. Its top ten furniture manufacturers are able to provide a variety of affordable and quality furniture for both domestic and international customers. It has many unique wooden craftsmen who are able to craft each product with the highest level of skill and attention to detail. They are able to produce top quality furniture that is sold around the world.

The Top 10 companies are focused on providing the best possible customer service to both established and start-up customers. They strive to make sure that all orders received are shipped on time, every order is filled and that every customer is happy. They take pride in their ability to offer the widest selections of wooden garden furniture in Vietnam, and also pride themselves on having a very high turnaround time for orders placed. This allows you to place an order today and have it arriving at your home in a few weeks.

One company that has been able to expand into Vietnam and become one of the top ten furniture manufacturers is Trung Nguyen. They have been able to build up their manufacturing base in Vietnam by building up manufacturing facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and having manufacturing plants throughout the nation. They are known for the durability and reliability of their products. In addition to their high quality products, they also make sure that the people working for them are highly educated and highly skilled. Vietnam is a country known for its natural beauty and with Trung Nguyen, you can be assured that your purchase will last for years to come.