The name speaks for itself, Godrej furniture Manufacturers in Vietnam. This furniture producer produces high quality furniture in over 100 categories which are all categorized into four segments – Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, and Handicraft. These are divided further into four sub-segments: Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, and Handicraft. In keeping with the heritage of traditional furniture, all of their furniture products bear the hallmark of Handicraft, thus these furniture items are very popular and known all over the world. They also export a wide variety of accessories and fashion clothing from India to Vietnam.

Godrej’s main office is located at Binh Duong Industrial Park, Ha Long Bay, situated on the banks of the River Mekong in Ho Chi Minh City. This industrial park is one of the few places where you will find the true essence of Vietnam tradition, the warmth and hospitality of Vietnamese people. This place is also the headquarters of Godrej, a leading manufacturer and exporter of furniture accessories, garments, and related products in Vietnam. Godrej’s primary products exported from Vietnam include: beds & dining sets, sofas & loveseats, cabinets, display/delivery cases, chairs, tables, home appliances, etc. To ensure a smooth delivery of products to their targeted customers in different parts of Vietnam, Godrej has its forwarding and shipping warehouses and depots located in different parts of Vietnam.

Many of the furniture manufacturers in Vietnam enjoy good rapport with the local and foreign businessmen. Godrej as an example, has established a very close relationship with the Vietnamese exporters. Although Godrej does not import products directly, they are able to provide excellent wholesale rates and fair shipping charges. They have several factories all over the country that manufactures different types of furniture for domestic as well as international customers.